Some concrete examples from the real world...

These pages are an accompliment to to "Just Enough Architecture" pages. The focus is on industry and examples that provide some real worked examples of digital strategy and enterprise architecture.

The starting point for productive application of technology to business is understanding the business and its objectives. These pages provide some examples of artifacts and analysis to support this.

Artefacts for Strategy & Business Architecture

Strategy & Enterprise Architecture are management tools to support decision making and investment. The tools of trade include:

  • Industry Models - the best way to make progress with Enterprise Architecture is by understanding the business and there are numerous industry models that are available to leverage to help get quick traction and understanding of business,
  • Forces Model - to help understand compeditive landscape that a business or sector operates in,
  • Balance Scorecard - provides basis for performance management across its: Organisaton / People, Customer / Product, Financial and Process dimensions
  • Business Motivation Model - "The Business Motivation Model specification provides a scheme or structure for developing, communicating, and managing business plans in an organized manner"
  • Strategic Analysis - strategy & enterprise architecture must be driven by facts, analysis & hypothosis to reach agreements across various stakeholders groups.

Other things ..

NOTE: These pages provide illustration to help others and provide some collatoral for use in engagements. You are welcome to use these as long as attribution to owner/author is given through keeping any copyright (c) markings and providing URL references to source material.